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Fall Prevention Program

patient excersizing for fall prevention

Over one-third of adults aged 65+ suffer a devastating fall each year in the U.S., resulting in hospitalization, and even death.

The importance of Fall Prevention

Falls are preventable with safe and effective strength training at The Recovery Project. You can avoid a devastating and costly fall, and avoid the long recovery from fall-related injuries. We can help.

Invest in Fall Prevention at The Recovery Project

With the fall prevention program at The Recovery Project, we will help you to prevent falls by helping to improve overall functional mobility. Our safe and effective strength training can help reduce the number of common injuries associated with falls, such as lacerations, hip and wrist fractures, and head injuries. These injuries can mean extensive rehabilitation and can have long lasting consequences on a person’s quality of life. 

Avoid fall-related injuries! Register for the Fall Prevention Program at The Recovery Project. At The Recovery Project, our strength-training program for fall prevention helps you achieve increased safety, and increased quality of life. Research shows that fall risk can be reduced through exercises that target strength and balance. Our effective program can improve your ability to safely and effectively navigate your environment. In addition to helping you improve your overall quality of life and wellness, this targeted program can lead to greater participation and engagement within home and community.

More about our Fall Prevention Program

Our goal is to minimize your risk for falls. When you sign up for our Fall Prevention Program, you will learn safety skills, and improve your functional mobility through strength training and other exercise.

Here's what to expect:

One-on-one attention from certified Physical Therapists
60 minute sessions
2 sessions each week
Approximately 8 weeks of therapy

A typical session includes:
Warm Up Walk
Balance Training
Strength Training Exercises
Functional Activities & Training

In addition, our Fall Prevention Program will also provide extensive education to both the client and family members. We will provide helpful suggestions regarding the proper use of assistive devices, as well as information on home and environmental modifications.

Through partnerships with other health care professionals, such as vision specialists and pharmacists, we will provide comprehensive education to the patient to further limit risk factors associated with falls.

After Fall Prevention: Next Steps

After completion of the Fall Prevention Program, participants may want to consider events such as 5K walks, or community fitness programs. In doing so, we hope to give participants an opportunity to maintain their strength training and balance improvements gained in the Fall Prevention Program and to continue on their journey of a safe and fulfilling life.

The Recovery Project has two locations in SE Michigan to serve you. Call 855-877-1944 for more information.